How do an active lifestyle and beer enjoyment go together? 

That's what we (Erik & Tristan, the founders of JoyBräu) asked ourselves and developed together with the TU Berlin in over two years of research the world's first alcohol-free beers with function. Easy-to-drink and with really good ingredients, like protein and vitamins, we save you heavy shakes and elaborate preparation on your active day. Our 100% natural alcohol-free beers strengthen your immune system and promote your muscle building and regeneration. By the way, JoyBräu tastes best together and as a refreshing reward after your workout - your "JOY moment"! JoyBräu stands for innovation, quality and passion. The result? We are now a state-supported FoodTech company with unique, patented brewing technology worldwide. With JoyBräu, we are setting a milestone for a healthier and more active beer world and already have a lot planned for the coming months - stay tuned!  


To be streamed on TV with our products and to pitch our vision to well-known investors is something we would never have believed a few years ago. The appearance on "Die Höhle der Löwen," a famous german investment show for startups, was a valuable learning experience for us and a big step towards national and international recognition of our new "Functional Beer" category.


The heart of JoyBräu sits in the middle of Hamburg, Germany. With our terrific team of sales professionals, creative minds, marketing gurus, beer brewing experts and four-legged support, we steer, live and shape the company a little bit new every day! Our vision and mission is to work together for more Well-Beering around the globe and to create refreshing Joy-Moments. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your Team JoyBräu



Learn how our functional beers were born.
👶🏼 Born in a garage...
Sounds strange, but it's true! A wild idea on a business trip quickly became a reality in 2015: A hobby brewing system in the basement, mixing equipment in the garage, and off we went! However, mixing beer with amino acids and flavors is not quite as easy as it sounds. Lumps, flavor disasters, and lots of foam was the most common result of our first attempts. We quickly realized: We needed professional support!
👨‍👩‍👧 Raised with experts...
Our idea first met real experts in the field of beverage technology in 2016. Together with master's students from the Technical University of Berlin, we launched our research project. Together, we worked on the perfect recipe for our functional beers with excellent taste. And two years later, the time had finally come: our very first protein beer went on the market! The road was rocky, long, and no walk in the park - and that's how it should stay for the time being, because easy would be boring! 
♥️ Loved around the globe...
However, it is not only the inner values that count but also the outer ones! So the next challenge was to develop appealing packaging for our functional beers. But what should functional beer look like? Since we are the first and only functional sports beers on the market, we also had to find this out first. Through numerous feedback and surveys, we launched various rebrandings, and today our sports beers dress in their favorite outfit: functional and practical! By now, we have launched five different varieties varying in their functionality and just waiting to refresh you! So, are you ready for your well-beering?
When it all began...
Disasters of taste
Coffee Cups



Any questions?

Why we love our functional beer

Our delicious and non-alcoholic beers are made in Germany and are true functional wonders! We have not only added proteins to our beers but also vitamins. Besides vitamin C or vitamin B in the beer, you will also find other valuable nutrients that make our beers just so healthy. We at Joybräu wanted to develop functional beers that are a tasty alternative to the existing products. Well-being and well-beering are, of course, in the first place. Try our five varieties and become part of the sports beer community.

Passion for sport and beer 

Passion for sport and beer Our startup JoyBräu combines our two great passions: sports and beer enjoyment! After all, what better way to reward yourself with a refreshing and healthy beer after a hard day's work? Thanks to the benefits that JoyBräu's functional beers offer, JoyBräu can be enjoyed easily and quickly at any time, and even more so after a sporting session. The world's only vegan protein drink that tastes like beer for everyone who loves sports and beer just like we do. A healthy beer can be that simple – from athletes for athletes.

JoyBräu’s team values 

A team of sales professionals, creative minds, marketing gurus, and beer brewing experts shaped the company the way it is today! In addition to yeast, hops, barley, and malt, as well as functional benefits such as proteins and vitamins, the list of ingredients includes passion, steadfastness, the right timing, and, of course, a pinch of luck. And at the end of the day, it's the people behind JoyBräu who bottle the "Joy moment" and make it an individual experience, a functional brew with benefits, for every consumer. 

The trend: unique sport beers 

JoyBräu is the world's first functional beer brand. With our 100% natural, alcohol-free product range and patented brewing technology, we produce beers that support an active lifestyle with their functional and healthy ingredients, such as proteins and vitamins, without sacrificing typical beer taste. Functionality and good taste in our vegan protein drinks, make JoyBräu’s sports beers unique in the world. We are constantly researching new tasty and functional beers to add to our range. Let us surprise you with what is still to come.